Google Places

Over the past few months, the search engine giant, Google has ratcheted up their promotion of their Google Places results. What used to be viewed as an annoying little map inserted into the results of a search query has turned into one of the most important parts of search results.

Today people do not use phone books! If you think they do and you are using Yellow Pages or any of the hundreds of copy-cats out there, you are basically wasting your money! If anyone wants to find information about any type of product or service, they go to the internet. Better yet, most people either have or will soon have internet on their phones. So, if you want to be found by people who are searching for what you have to offer, you better be using Google Places.

Thousands of businesses are listed in Google Places, but have not even claimed their listing. This is the first step in getting better coverage in Google. Though Google has more information about almost everything, they still do not have even close to a complete picture about your business. They know (normally) where you are located, your phone number, and what type of business you have (approximately). After this, its all wide open.

This is why you need to either take control of your listing in Google Places, or hire a professional company to take care of the results for you. It is easy to make mistakes on and the rules are a little different than your typical SEO, but it is very important that you take care of this still.

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