Social Marketing Tips

Social Marketing-Web 2.0 Tips

The fastest growing and most popular trend on the internet today is Social Networking! Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, and more all are focused on one thing-networking people and bringing them together.

Social Marketing is often misunderstood by most marketers and business owners. They do not understand the goals of this new trend and will often break the rules of conduct in these arenas. They think that since there are so many people gathering here, surely they want to hear my sales message? WRONG!

Social Networking (and Marketing) is all about contributing. Its not about direct sales. In the arena of the social sites, you need to contribute value. If all you want to do is to make sales, you will turn off nearly all of the audience. A Proverb tells us that “a brother offended is not easily won” and if you offend in this area by trying to sell, you will not be able to recover very easily.

Don’t misunderstand. You can sell in the social sphere, you just can’t do it directly. People have to “Trust” who you are and view you as an expert in an area before they will be willing to buy anything from you here. And, the sales you make here will not be direct sales. They will come from giving people helpful information and eventually directing them to make a purchase on your site or blog.

So, your goal will be to establish yourself as a specialist in some area. Give free information away. Help people out. Contribute articles or buyers guides or just assist people with their needs. Once you have gained the trust of people, they will begin to let their walls down and maybe make a purchase from you.

It is not a fast way to profits. Social sites are a lot of work. Not all at once, but over time. Be consistent. Contribute in a methodical way and make sure you are looking to help, not profit from your activities. Eventually, you will have others flocking to you and then you can begin to make sales.

We recommend that you have a presence on the following social networking sites:

1. Facebook – The most popular social media site in the US. If this site were a country, it would be the 4th most populous in the world!

2. LinkedIn – A must for developing professional relationships.

3. Twitter – Gather a following fairly quickly by sharing your thoughts, what your plans are or more.

4. Blog – One of the best ways to share information that people are looking for about products or services you provide.